Saturday, February 21, 2009

Map Mashups for Geometry

I created a map mashup that could be used in the Geometry course (mostly 9th graders) that I am currently placed in.
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This map has various landmarks throughout the world that are made from the three-dimensional objects that my students are familiar with. As you click on each marker, a picture pops up with some information on the landmark, followed by some questions. Some of these questions ask students to identify the three-dimensional figure, view the figure from various angles, calculate area or perimeter, etc. I think that this activity will keep students interested because these are landmarks that they may/may not be familiar with. This map shows how they can apply their geometrical knowledge to things outside of the classroom. I think an interesting addition to this activity would be to have students create their own marker with a landmark of their choice. Then they could post information and come up with their own questions and answer them.

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